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Monday , 23 July 2018



  • Highlighting some of the factors that is likely to cause hullabaloo to All Progressives Congress APC in Osun State.


Osun State recent electoral misfortune in the western senatorial district can not be easily forgotten,not with the margins at which the opposition triumphed in the previous election that made the dancing senator to emerged victoriously.


Divergent views and opinions were expressed,what is however cleared and monumental is the fact that APC has lost Nine against one, which was  a collosal loss if not disgraceful to say the objective truth.


We can not deemphasis various factors but rather term it as a bye product to the reproduction of  what made APC lost two federal constituencies in the last national election namely the Oriade Obokun and ife federal constituency.


One of the greatest factors affecting All Progressives Congress APC includes ;


*Hidden Ambitions*

Hidden ambition and the idea of fielding those gladiators to work for same elective position as campaign coordinators or mobilizer chairman for the same election they lost its ticket without consulting the winner or the candidates involved ,those silent pretenders sometimes become controller of funds ,men and women meant to work for the party victory,these are people who have unsettled score and malice with the same person aspiring election.


Apparently, The case is like asking the same person who seek obaship to be the one to crown the same person who emerged. This among others is said to be the reasons why ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS APC in Osun State normally record downthrow in many areas.


*Power Tussle*

The same scenario is re-emerging in embryonic way, where ,One time Commissioner who once indicated his interest for the house of Representatives seat of Oriade Obokun is now said to be overhauling his structure ahead of others and without even consulting the sitting Governor of Osun State.


He is believed to be one of the richest and well blessed commissioner under the first term of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.


Same also is the feelings from ife federal constituency on also a one time Commissioner in Osun State who is equally eyeing the federal house of Representatives seat.


Meanwhile, It is on record that these two grand styling gladiators had served under the government of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola as commissioners. The reasons for them not to be returned as commissioner was connected to top security report at government disposal and their roles as campaign chairmen and their superogatory ambitions.


These two personalities has been eyeing elective posts to satisfy their inner conscience, but the whipped of the Governor as cabinet members made them dropped their ambition and both  ironically became the campaign chairmen of their respective domain.


There goes the errors, It was very possible for them not to worked with their full hearts because election funds,materials and men were at their disposals, discretions and candidates were left at their mercies.


*Issue of Aggrieved Members*

This is contained in a press statement Diekola made available to journalists in Osogbo on Monday, saying members of the party are divided and that the party cannot win the governorship election of 2018.


“There is nothing romantic about crisis within a political family, but we can’t afford to condone a lie that has a tendency to drag us backwards in our quest to genuinely reposition the party ahead of 2018.”


“As a concerned party member, I have studied the press statement, I wish, I could maintain silence after reading the poorly calibrated speech. The urge to respond to some of the political notes extracted from the statement, is irresistible.”


“With much reluctance to believe that Barrister Kunle Oyatomi genuinely meant some of the notes averred in the party press statement. Further, it’s very doubtful that Barrister Kunle Oyatomi had all round consultation with party bigwigs before he rushed to the press and tagged the ‘brains’ behind the electoral success of Osun APC in the past, and before things fell apart ‘dissidents.


“The diction and tone of the press release worries me, it doesn’t reflect that important lessons had been learnt from the concluded Osun West Senatorial bye-election.”


“However, I’m politically tempted to sympathise with Barrister Kunle Oyatomi, as APC spokesman; he’s understandably handicapped and under intense political pressure to promote a facade of unity within Osun APC.”


“Recall, the same Barrister Kunle Oyatomi issued a press statement before the concluded Osun West Senatorial bye election where he dismissed and downplayed the existence of the aggrieved bloc within Osun APC. The outcome of the bye election pointedly punctured his lie and dismissed him as a naive party member constrained by the party position.”


“While I cautiously agree with Barrister Kunle Oyatomi that unlike Osun PDP, we have one chairman in the person of prince Gboyega Famodun and our Secretariat headquarters is along Gbongan- Ibadan Road in the heart of Osogbo, unfortunately, Oyatomi forgot albeit deliberately, to tell us the number of times the Famodun led APC state executives had met, when last it held meeting at the state party Secretariat and how many of its members in the state executives are currently aggrieved and uncomfortable with the leadership of prince Adegboyega Famodun?”


“The time has come to say the truth. Whist it might be inconvenient for the political cotton weights, and a handful of politicians without a solid political base, masquerading as friends and loyalists of governor Rauf Aregbesola. I believe we need to speak the truth. And the truth is this: Famodun’s leadership is the biggest albatross on the neck of Osun APC.”


“The failure of Osun APC state leadership became manifest when we lost Osun West bye election to the Peoples Democratic Party. If the leadership of the party in the state had guided the selection process of the party without public display of bias against one of the aspirants, may be, the result could have been much different.


“How would Barrister Oyatomi convince party members and political watchers that party leadership is in charge of a ruling party where a cabinet member gleefully appointed his brother in-law as SSA legal without a murmur from the party leadership.”


“Quite to the contrary, we are divided in Osun APC, but unlike PDP; we have one chairman whose politics and leadership style have divided the party into two major blocs.”


“With the tone and diction of the press statement released by Barrister Kunle Oyatomi, dismissing the ‘home based politicians’ in Osun APC as ‘dissidents’, there is nothing suggesting that the ‘hawks’ in Osun APC are comfortable with the reconciliation process initiated by the National Secretariat of our party.


“Notwithstanding this temporary setbacks, we, the home based politicians in Osun APC have absolute confidence in the national leadership of our party and strongly in support of its political efforts to reposition the party in the state ahead of 2018 governorship election,” the statement reads.


Now,the game has started again, the coast is becoming clearer and opinions of today is that their ambitions remained alive and seriously manifesting day by day.


This could not have just started within a short period. Let the judges  therefore learn to excuse themselves from this new game of governorship for history not to repeat itself again and again.


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