Nathalie Boy de la Tour has been elected the first female president of the French Football League (LFP) after Raymond Domenech's candidacy was rejected.
Boy de la Tour, who became the first woman elected to the LFP's Administrative Council in 2013, had been serving as the organisation's Director General of their Football Foundation for the past eight years.
Succeeding Frederic Thiriez, Boy de la Tour was not initially a candidate for the presidency. She said, “This is not an election that was expected, but now I am very happy and I hope to live up to the expectations of the football family, clubs and the league. We must find a unique trust as there are important issues before us. I know professional football… and have been on the board of the LFP for three years now. I have worked many times with Didier (Quillot), but now we need to leave a little time for us to meet and define the priorities to come. your social media marketing partner