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Wednesday , 23 January 2019

Why Skala Records will be going on an All European Tour – CEO, Amodou Abdullei reveals 

Amodou Abdullei , the CEO of Skala Records World Wide is no doubt becoming a big name in the Music Industry. He has done a lot in the music industry through his record label and the talented signees he has under the label.

In a bid to also promote Music, he will be going on a music tour and touching down most places in Europe with his Signee, Obameji and the Skala Record Team.

In an Interview with Sahara weekly, he spoke about the reason behind the Tours, the places they will be going, and many more.

Excerpts :

Tell us little about yourselves?

My name is Amodou.M.Abdullei, AkA  Lebron skala  and I’m the CEO, Managing Director of  Skala Record World wide.

Tell us more about the summer international music tour skala records teams vibing?

Skala record Summer international Tour is an all European country tour and concert already fixed with couple of big names disco clubs around Europe country’s like Metropolix club Germany, my home town, Paris, France, London Uk, Brussels Antwerp Belgium ,Luxembourg ,Basel/Zürich Swiss ,Moscow Russia Nicosia Ayinapa CYPRUS ,Stockholm Sweden, Oslo  Norway ,Amsterdam/Rotherdam Holland, etc and some other European country for the awareness of Obameji and the Skala record team industry Germany/Nigeria

What inspired you to own a music record label and little more about your carear as a footballer superstar?

What Inspired me is my love for  music and with JTWINCE Obameji , the upcoming artist and they going be one of the best all time music super star  Nigeria will ever produce, they inspire me with the  talent God gave them, and as a professional footballer

 Do you have any experience in life to tell us and what do u learnt?

my experience in life is much we will talk about that soon in future,but I have experienced great since I came abroad it’s lot to talk about

What makes your label different from other Nigerian or international based labels?

why our label is different from other in Nigeria is because everything we use is from Europe and we have all powerful equipment to get things done

Who are your role models in life?

My Dad/Mom and my entire Family are my Role model and the team Skala record Nr1

How many international and local collabo should fans watchout for skala records?

We have as much as possible National &international Collaboration local  and international well known artist but for now we need not to disclose but soon the fans and the world will see it, work on progress every day

Skala records are having a conference in summer in Europe, How many shows and concerts clubs are fans to watchout for?

We Already got over 15 Clubs confirm in Germany not counting the other European countries to be announced when visa out

Are you working on a new project and what are you bringing to the industry and your fans of your artist,  Obameji?

we all fully concentrating on new dimension of modern creativity and all eyes open and ready to splash differences to the industries and the Obamejis are there to get things happen and make fans happy

What are your plans for the next two years and where do you see your music label as well?

The plans for the next years is already in progress and the main point is to be among the top 10 world chart Nr1.

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