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Sunday , 20 January 2019

“Why my Comedy Skit Helps Me With Depression “- Motara Reveals

Beautiful and gifted could best described Akanni Grace Omowunmi Omotara popularly known as Motaraaa or Motara ‘Badan on instagram.  Her comedy skit is arguably unique and is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.
In this exclusive chat with Sahara weekly, she bared it all on life, success and challenges…. Excerpts!
Can you tell us about yourself?
My name is Akanni Grace omowumi omotarabut my people call me The radio caleepha or MOTARA. I was born on the 27th of October. I am the firstborn of my family and a graduate of Microbiology from the polytechnic Ibadan.
How was grown up like?
Growing up was really challenging. I had inferiority complex because I was raised by my mum. Dad left us when I was just 6 years old. so I was always alone. My complex made it very difficult to mix with people because  I was always afraid they’d make fun of my stature or the fact that my dad left us. I remember a day we were sent out of my dad’s family house, very sad day. We had to sleep separately, my mum, younger brother  and I but my mum really is a super woman both now and then.  I’m very grateful for the gift of life actually because my tough background taught me do many things about people and life generally.
What inspired your comedy skit?
I have always told people I’m from Osun State that’s my grandma state. I did that because I hate my dad so much that I don’t want to associate myself with him or anything but I love Ibadan accent, very amazing and unique dialect. Then I read a book “The Act of Not Givin A Fuck” . That book taught me how to be real and because of my complex then I’ve always known how to know my place and be myself. so I choose to speak in my Ibadan accent with all my friends. Whenever I speak English they are astonished. So, basically what inspired my video was I needed to get of my shell, stop being inferior, depressed and sad. Trust me it worked…
How did it all start?
How it started? Then I used to make different videos on my phone, saying things in Ibadan, yabbing and all. I decided to post the videos on the Instagram one day and I got real positive answers. I started  in my bed facing the camera as using Ibadan accent, now I could do that and a normal skit.
What stands you out among the peers in the industry?
I really won’t say there is a particular thing that stands me out actually, but I think we are all unique in our own different ways. People are talented I must confess, like maraji(oloruntoba Gloria) , Twyse (Ereme Abraham) , gbagaunmuncher(Timilehin) these are Fountain of creativity but really how I manage my tenses with my dialect amuse  me sometimes.
What’s the secret of your success?
Secret to my success is Jehovah God, faith and perseverance.
Who are your mentors in this industry?
Twyseeee and funmi awelewa

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