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Monday , 23 July 2018



Despite the fact that some of us were not around when Awo was still here doing what humanity sent him to do, of which history proved to us that he did judiciously, we were opportuned to know his ideologies and philosophies with the legacy he left behind.
Among them, was the identification of the imperative and inevitable access to qualitative education as a tool for liberation. No wonder why he introduced Free education. Oh ! What a blessing to human race!.
Unfortunately, Awo left, his legacy stayed, his philosophy is whirling away and the state of education in the country still poses question mark.
Empirically, qualitative education has ceased to be a right but an opportunity. No wonder, whenever an individual aspiring for public office promises or includes free education in the manifesto, the electorate or citizens “laugh it off” and see it as the “latest lie in town”. I won’t blame them and the Thomas’s spirit in them. It is because they have suffered under the obnoxious policies of government who have turned themselves into beast, tormenting and depriving the people of their right of having access to qualitative education. Therefore, citizenry has given up, and has ceased to think of when things would change. But believe me, the old order is about to change. Oh sorry! did i say change ?_Yes, I mean change. But, it is not the ‘change’ that needs to be changed. Although Awo is dead, his philosophies are recuperating. Although those who claim to be Awo’s followers have been paying lip service to his philosophies for years, but there is a man that is ready to carry out activitities that would restore Awo’s philosophy and set his own legacy that would remain in people’s hearts for centuries to come.
Just like Awo, you have heard about his Welfarism programes, Women empowerment, and Poverty alleviation. All these, ORP has done without blowing whistle nor trumpet. For you to be sure that Awo’s Philosophy is recuperating, he is introducing Free Holiday Coaching for students at both Primary and Secondary levels, a scheme that would generate short term employment for youths and send the kids roaming the streets back to the classroom, where they would acquire knowledge. Are you ruminating on who else deserves to be the OGUN State Governor in 2019 other than a Man who is ready to invest his wealth, time, mental and physical effort on education and the people’s welfarism?.
Who do you think that is ? Your guess is as good as mine. It is OTUNBA ROTIMI PASEDA (ORP).

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