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Friday , 25 May 2018

Protest with or without Commonsense  By Bar. Olumide Akindiya



It is no longer a news that there are demonstrations over resignation or return of the President who have been outside Nigeria for more than 90 days on health ground and those supporting the President on reason why he should not resign. Being a Lawyer has put a greater responsibility on us not to silent on issues not only on law. That is why we are respected for being learned and not educated as other professionals are called.


To me, we don’t need to personalise the office of the President, there is no vacuum as we have Acting President. There are ministers who have been appointed to help the President in discharging his duties in their ministries and the permanent secretaries with public servants are expected to do their lawful duties. The office of the President exists in perpetuity so far Nigeria still practises Presidential System of government, but the occupier of that office is expected to use 4 years terms or maximum: 8 years in such office. Without a vacuum, why the demonstration? If we love the President being the occupier of that office, we should understand. There is no limit to the time our President can come home, but if there is non-disclosure as to the health status of the President; if the government is still running why bothering if it is considered a private matter.


What I want all of us to ponder on is that the growth of Nigeria is a collective responsibility. We need to search our hearts whether we really love this country without pointing to one authority or giving excuses. We are all products of one family or the other. Where is our moral and religious upbringing when we are still the wicked ones in our families; committing crime here and there; littering the street with dirt as flowers; spreading false preaching to get money from followers; we are ghost workers in our country; and other unlawful activities that do not bring good image to our country. We have failed in suppressing prostitutes, thieves, street urchins, mental lazy people, etc within our families. We have to do self-evaluation of our deeds whether we have moral justification to stage protests whether for or against the President. Is it the right time? What is consequences of our actions? How have I fail Nigeria as a country? As as a Lawyer, have I offered a quality, legal services without lies? Am I among those collecting money from politicians and still want dividends of democracy? Am I an honest human rights activist with hidden motive?


To me, if all of us are good and true worshippers with the way churches and mosques are speedily increasing, we expect corruption, wickedness and criminal activities to decrease. We should look beyond Mr. President – play our roles by being creative and add values to others for our leaders to value us. In as much as, our leaders are seen to be corrupt then majority of us are also corrupt for celebrating them. I expect the protesters to protest in front of homes of known looters in this country and not protesting for or against the President. It is a sign of pampering corruption because President Buhari is not the only problem, but all of us are architects of our problems in Nigeria. We should protest with commonsense! Besides, protest is an individual decision and not calling us to join. If our mumu don do then your mumu don do!


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