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Friday , 25 May 2018

Prophet Joshua Iginla’s world Prophecy comes to pass, Predicts North Korea’s Next Missile plan + raises prayer to avert world war


Popular Prophet, Joshua Iginla’s Prophecy on North Korea Missile launch has come to pass. He made this Prophecy during a live service at his Abuja church on August 13th, 2017. He talked about North Korea, South Korea, America and the reaction that will follow.

In his words,  ‘’I see South Korea, North Korea and  America trying to be a referee. We need to be careful. I see North Korea doing something of insult to America and for ego, there might be a  retaliation.

There’s something North Korean President wants to do. It’s not a threat, I see something coming out. Why will it be an international insult? Why is there going to be a retaliation? This is what we should pray against. What the North Korea man has gathered isn’t ordinary, We need peace and we should pray for peace’’

In confirmation, On August 28, 2017, News reports had it that North Korea has launched a Missile attack against Japan.


In reaction to this, Japan Prime Minister said he had spoken by telephone with President Trump. “Japan and the U.S. stance are completely matched,” he said, adding that they discussed ways to tighten pressure on North Korea’

Furthermore, Prophet Joshua Iginla revealed that the North Korean Leader will launch another missile which will prompt America to react with a tougher one and that is what we should pray against. It is  demonic manipulation to make world power clash and when it happens, the world won’t be a safe place. We need to pray for nations, pray against retaliation coming from America’

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