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Tuesday , 22 May 2018





By Femi Salako(Triangle News Media)


So much value is attached to names in the Nigerian society because of the fact that whatever name we bear definitely has a defining role to play in our lives. Olatunde Rotimi Paseda is one individual who has continually enjoy the ample benefits of manifold presence of God. His name has also become a household name within and outside of Ogun state because of the major character traits that he shares with the late sage, Obafemi Awolowo.


Otunba Paseda as he fondly called by his supporters is clearly a blessing to Ogun state in view of his character traits that is firmly focused on providing for the needs of the vulnerable and giving back to the society that has produced him. His involvement in politics is premised on the quest to reenact the political ideals of Chief Obafemi Awolowo in the area of harnessing state resources to meet the critical needs of the masses. Otunba Paseda has proven his mettle in world of business outside the shores of Nigeria and has left no one in doubt that he can actually achieve the same success in politics if giving the opportunity.

He is the Elisha of our time that is on assignment to reignite the laudable achievements of Chief Obafemi Awolowo in Ogun state in particular and the South Western part of Nigeria at large.


Olatunde Paseda is a successful business man with entrenched interest in the United Kingdom where he has done very well for himself and family. The Omu man has successfully established engineering firms in the UK with business interests in the fabrication and building of heavy machinery; manufacturing of water tankers, fire engines, garbage/compacting trucks and the likes. Political interest of Paseda has largely been awakened by his conviction that he could conveniently leverage on his business successes in the United Kingdom to develop the people of Ogun state, the state itself and Nigeria as a nation.


Ogun state is very lucky to have a man like Olatunde Paseda who is conscious of the world of difference between a political leader and the followers; yet he has sufficiently bridged such gaps. The consciousness of this difference has always inform the image, actions, and communication mode of Otunba Paseda. The fabrication giant carries himself with an aura that never suggests that he is in anyway better than his followers; but will always elect to have an objective perspectives on wide range of issues bothering on his domain.


Rotimi Paseda sure has a gentle mien but posses a tough character traits. This has often than not helped him to take tough decisions whenever the need arises. He is never unmindful of the fact that difficult and timely decisions need be taken in certain situations if the the best interests of state and party are to be given premium consideration. Decisions of this nature are not always expected to go down well with everyone, but he had always effect them with the required firmness, authority, and finality. Olatunde Rotimi Paseda is never given to taking unilaterally decisions; rather he has made himself an advocate of collaborative decision making process that would bring about party cohesion and positive developments.


Paseda is also a model of empathy who always look out for solutions to the challenges being faced by his people. He takes it upon himself to look inward in providing pragmatic solutions to whatever problem that is  encountered by any of his followers with a firm focus on forward movement.

Rotimi Paseda has proven himself as a leader who has earned the trust of his followers. He would always do a personal follow-up on all outstanding issues, pay personal visits to his supporters, and make it a point of duty to monitor the effectiveness of party policies and procedures. Paseda will never hesitate to commend party members that are worthy of commendations while reprimands would also not be spared for those that fall short of acceptable set standard of conduct for party members. Paseda is a distinct leader that would promptly identify any problem before it becomes an emergency and  would not waste time to proffer effective solution.

Olatunde  Paseda has established himself as a political leader who is confidence inspiring. He is also a fountain of good counsels who has helped in a great deal to shape and better the lives of so many of his supporters. He is a model of a resolute mind that will stand firm to fight for and champion all worthy causes for his followers.


Olatunde Rotimi Paseda radiates positive energy and communicates this through his thoughts and deeds. He is no doubt a man with an heart of gold and in whose veins kindness flows. This explains why he always feels genuinely concerned for other people’s welfare. Paseda is never short of practical solutions to issues and words of reassurances that edify the souls of his party members. He is a team player who abhors pessimistic thoughts that are capable of dampening the highly effective unity of purpose spirits of his supporters.


Olatunde Rotimi Paseda is one of the very few politicians around that cherishes ethical practices and believes that only diligence, reliability and honesty are the bedrock of a lasting success. He so much personifies these high moral values to a point of emulation that his integrity has never been in doubt. He would not hesitate to openly share information and avoid spin control.


ORP has no doubt proven himself as a leader that motivates followers to best performance through effective, clear and concise communication. He throws up subtle challenges to those around him by setting high and yet attainable standards for them. He would follow it up by providing the much needed support, exposure, training and latitude for the pursuance of visions, so as to attain the very height that one can possibly climb.


The 2015 gubernatorial candidate of the Unity Party of Nigeria has not giving up on his dreams and visions to effect a total turn around in the body polity of Ogun state.

He still remains a strong advocate of job creation for millions of Nigerians that need a means of survival. Paseda remains unpleased with the fact that the nation in general and Ogun state in particular are yet to unleash the potentials of the youthful generation in view of the available manpower.


Olatunde Paseda is still very much itching to effect a change that will usher in an era of innovative governance,  people-oriented programmes and an all inclusive government that will be based on the tested principles of the old Unity Party of Nigeria founded by the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo for a guaranteed future in Ogun state.


ORP still finds the prevailing incremental development in Ogun state very much unacceptable. He believes the only and best way to go for the state is to join the league of state like neighbouring Lagos state and take the full advantage of total development which is bound to usher prosperity into the state. In the words of Olatunde Paseda, “Yes, some can argue that there are pockets of developmental projects scattered here and there in Ogun state under the present administration, but most of these developments are obviously not people-oriented and did not benefit everyone”.


The grassroot mobilizer still take exception to the prevailing governance style in Ogun state  that is deliberately crafted to favour few privileged ones at expense of the larger population. Paseda still remains convinced that free education from nursery to tertiary level for all Ogun State students is achievable under the Unity Party of Nigeria. He also has his sight on provision of free health services and facilitation of integrated rural and community development in Ogun State. The Omu political tactician once lamented the health and educational states of Ogun thus: “Our tertiary institutions remain grossly underfunded and tuition fee is out of reach for majority of Ogun State students”.


Olatunde Rotimi Paseda equally remains committed to the creation of full and sustainable employment opportunities for the people of Ogun state. He is of the opinion that free education and free healthcare are no rocket science as some detractors would want to believe. According to him, “I’ve said it on different fora that achieving this is as simple as intelligent budget manipulation”.

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