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Monday , 22 October 2018




Hello my Fellow Citizens of Ogun State!


Thank you for this warm welcome. I am very happy to be here contesting with so many friends and terrific candidates!


Something is happening in Ogun State right now, there is a wind of change possibly in the transition of this present administration.


A wind that blows along the three senatorial district of Ogun State, From Ogun West to Ogun Central, where the number one servant office resides , to Ogun East ,the senatorial district where I was raised.


Wind from every corner in Ogun State, which will breathe new life into politics.

In this forth-coming 2019 general election, Ogun State have said loud and clear, that too many families can’t make ends meet, that too many seniors are living in poverty, that they have had enough of the same old debates, they deserve better, that is why we should dare to bring about change.

Change that is now necessary because Paseda is running in circles, because for too long, we have replaced scandals with different scandals, scandals that Ogun State could not tolerate anymore, because some want to benefit from divisive politics, because issues that matter to most citizens of Ogun State are yet to be settled.


You have voted for a green economy, but still, your money is used to subsidize big polluters. You have rejected scandals that tarnished politics, but again this week, we see the same story. Different leaders, same old scandals. For all these reasons, you believe it is now time for change.

Ogun State are ready for this change. Students, Youths,  Artisans e.t.c are ready for this change.


My friends, I am ready to bring this change to Ogun State , so that citizens of Ogun State can have a strong voice in cabinet. In every corner of the government parastatals, my people is ready for this challenge.


Old debates and negative politics that we have seen since the beginning of this campaign are exactly what Myself had stayed away from.


Some have claimed that I was too polite to be a politician, as if it was a weakness for a party leader to listen what you have to say.


My friends, I cannot promise to be less of a good guy, you know where I stand and you know I will fight for the priorities you hold dear. To defend families and seniors.


To bring education to the way we met it and how it was, To stop subsidizing big polluters and instead invest in clean energy. To give a voice to progressive Youths, Women and resourced Ogun State Citizens in cabinet.


I am committed to do things differently in Ogun State.


I am committed to get results in the first 100 days as your Governor. Not in four years. Now. Because people need help now. That’s my commitment to you. My friends, I am ready to be your Governor, and I fully understand what this means.


A Governor’s job is to make sure the government works for those who have elected him, and not for big corporations.


A Governor’s job is to bring people together. Build bridges between urban and rural areas and bring closer the different point of views which exist in this state.


A Governor must ensure Parliament/Legislators represents the values you cherish.


Values like: Tolerance, compassion, pride in our differences, respect for democracy, cooperation. Those values are shared by all Ogun citizens around the world.


My friends, we will work together to bring those values back to action. No matter which party you supported in the past, we can put the old debates aside and work together to achieve real change.


We can prove that the cynics are wrong. That it is possible for Ogun State to have a to have a solid representation in all ramifications, not in the Opposition, but within government. Others will tell you that you have no choice but to vote for them. But that is, once again, old politics. You deserve better. You deserve change. And for that, we need to do more than block the Conservatives. We need to replace them. And it is not the first time for Ogun State citizens to bring about major changes in our society. This isn’t the first time you’ve seen this. It means something is broken and we need to fix it.


It starts with a vote – your vote. And so, I’m calling on you – on the election day in 2019– to mark your ballot for change. Together, we can do this. We can show that: Here, our priority is Free Education, job creation, the environment and  Security. Here, we dare to use words like “change” “hope” and “progress”. Here, we dare to look beyond old politics and have the audacity to ask for something better. Here, we dare to look cynicism directly in the eye, and have faith that the best has yet to come. And especially because there is so much to do.


The time has come for someone to take on those responsibilities.


I am ready to take on this challenge! It can’t be done without you.


Let’s work together. Let’s roll up our sleeves and start the work right now.


Thank you!


Otunba Rotimi Paseda.


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