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Monday , 21 May 2018

How Prophet Iginla’s intervention averts Aero contractors plane crash (WATCH VIDEO)



Pro Joshua Iginla’s prophecy about an imminent incident involving Aero Contractor has just been confirmed . The Abuja based clergy few days back specifically predicted an attack on one of our domestic airlines which he described that it has E and C in its name and that it has a yellow symbol on its plane which is Aero Contractor .

He , however said that he saw the attack being averted. Interestingly according to his prophetic warning and declaration the danger was averted.

Passengers of an Aero Contractors flight traveling between Port Harcourt and Lagos had a terrifying experience on Tuesday as one of the engines appeared to catch fire, causing the cabin to become filled with thick smoke. It was a near death experience and it was just God’s intervention that didn’t allow the plane to crash or catch fire.

This is no doubt a fulfilment of Prophet Joshua Iginla’s Prophecy which he made known during a service in his Abuja Church after God showed him. While speaking to his congregation about this in his Abuja Church, he said ‘’ God said we should pray for the aviation industry, there’s something about this flight, i see something that has to do with yellow on the design. One of the things i saw was that the attack was averted and that will happen if the people concerned will not say’ they are just talking’, it’s something that has to do with E and C , I want all of you to be on fasting and pray for our local flight and cancel anything that has to do with plane crash’ After the plane landed safely, many of the passengers were thankful to God for sparing their lives. It was also revealed that the smoke covered the plane for almost 35 minutes.

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