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Friday , 25 May 2018




Youths under the auspices of National Association of Nigerian Youth NANY, the umbrella body of all youths in Nigeria has lamented the high level of denial of Christian candidates in Osun State Politics.


According to the Secretary general of the Association ;


Now that we have enjoyed relative peace in osun for the past eight years, best idea for both parties to consider fielding a Christian to succeed Governor Rauf Aregbesola., anything short of that is to confirm the fear of the Christian faithful in Osun state that aregbesola is indeed planning to islamize the state.


The danger comes when religion is mixed with politics. It is worth remembering 800 people died in northern Nigeria during clashes after President Buhari’s loss in the 2011 election.

“Religion by its very nature and content appeals not so much to reason. It’s a heart matter and carries with it huge emotions,” failure to field christian to occupy the gubernatorial seat in APC might lead to so many calamities says Solanke Taiwo who has played a key role diffusing religious tension in Osun State.


“When religions like Christianity and Islam have a huge following of hungry not very educated people on both sides then politicians will explore the areas of religion to get them on their sides. That’s a very dangerous and bad thing to do. It’s not fair and it’s not right,”_*


The whole of Nigeria has tasted the combustible consequences when politicians focus on faith.

Deadly clashes have erupted since 2001 and have been rooted in disputes over access to land, power and jobs between the so-called “indigenes” who happen to be mostly Christian and “settlers” who are largely Muslim.


*Religion is not the primary trigger but politicians have used it for their own gain.By the time they discover people will unanimously stand together for the good of all, the politicians will go and use the sentiment of tribe, region or religion.”.. “Once the people are divided the politicians will have a good ride while the greater majority will be wallowing in depravation,” Says Solanke*


He says people have now come to understand the game the politicians play and this is why there is now more peace on the Osun electorates.


*As some voters look at the religion of the candidates as they try to make up their minds, they may come across politicians of any faith who are willing to thank them in advance for their vote with a gift.. “Money and religion in politics, they go together,” Solanke says.*


“When you find unscrupulous politicians who are just desperate for an office – not for what they will do for people they just want the office for what they can get for themselves – to retain the office at all costs they will use anything.

“They will use money and the religious sentiments to do that.”



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